Are they pieces of origin?
Our parts are white-marked (unless otherwise noted) and comply with OEM specifications so you can get a spare part that does the same job for a cheaper price.

Are these parts guaranteed?
Yes, all our parts have included 15 days trial and 1 year warranty.

How can I place an order?
Look for the part number of the damaged part, it is engraved in the same piece. If you do not find a reference, we need your vehicle's data in order to find the correct reference. Once you have found the right part, simply place an order, make your payment and your spare part will be in process to be shipped.

How am I sure this is the correct sensor?
The best way to check if a sensor is correct is by obtaining the reference number of your old replacement. You can also get the reference from your official dealer.

Are the parts used or repaired?
All of our spare parts are brand new (if not expressly stated otherwise), have been factory tested and are free of defects.

Why do we sell ... so cheap?

We buy directly at the factory

No intermediaries, we sell directly to the public

Thanks to the online sale, we have few expenses and that shows in the final price

I think I asked for the wrong piece, what can I do?
It is your responsibility to ask for the correct reference, please check it before placing an order. Please contact us as soon as possible in case this happens so that we can solve this problem in a manner acceptable to both parties.

The sensor does not work.
Since our car sensors are new and factory tested, it must arrive in perfect working order. If you think the sensor is defective, please contact us via our email or the contact form of the website.

How long does it take to get my order?
If you place the order before 13.00 (Spanish time) the replacement can be sent the same day. For peninsula normal shipping is 2-3 working days, for urgent shipping, orders before 17h are received next working day.

What makes and models of spare parts do they provide?
We offer auto sensors for a wide range of makes and models, take a look at our home page, there you can search the brand number, model, reference and part.

I can not find the piece I'm looking for, can you help me?

Contact us using the contact form of our website with the reference you need and the information of your vehicle.

Can you help me ?, I am not sure if the vehicle sensor is the problem
In order to be sure where the problem comes from, the electronic diagnosis of the vehicle is necessary, this is not necessary in official workshops, it can be done in any diagnosis workshop.